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MMTC-PAMP Stylized Lakshmi Ganesha (999.9) 250 gm Silver Bar

MMTC-PAMP Stylized Lakshmi Ganesha (999.9) 250 gm Silver Bar

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  • Contents: 999.9 purity – 250 gram silver coin. A delicately crafted exclusive product for your pooja ghar or a unique yet traditional gift for your loved ones
  • Delivering superlative quality, this uniquely stylized ingot features Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi, the eternal portrayal of wisdom and wealth, in brilliant colour. The reverse features the auspicious ‘Shree Yantra’, ‘Shree Ganesh Yantra’ and ‘Shlokas’ in pristine Sanskrit.
  • A contour-hugging ultra-transparent international capsule protects the fine imagery and finish from any mishandling
  • All MMTC-PAMP products come with NIL negative weight tolerance and NIL negative purity tolerance, thus assuring that the customer always receives right value for what is paid for.
  • MMTC-PAMP is India’s only internationally accredited precious metals facility; its bars are tradable across the world and are deliverable on global commodity exchanges
  • This product is not eligible for cash on delivery. All COD orders will automatically get rejected.
  • Certificate Type: Manufactured and certified by the ONLY internationally accredited precious metals facility in India for Silver


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