Essential Rules for Choosing Fashion Accessories

Essential Rules for Choosing Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories are the most important type of part in the regular fashion outfits today as we all know that fashion accessories has become a very important and compulsory part of everyday outfit as they can make the overall outfit very unique and different from the one who are not wearing any fashion accessory. However, you may be having a long and great list of beautiful fashion accessories in your wardrobe but you still may not be able to make a good pair of them with your outfit as you may are not aware of the essential rules that are necessary for choosing the fashion accessories in your daily wear or special wear outfit. In this article, we will be elaborating to you some of the most essential rules that can help you in your daily fashion dressing sense and choosing the right pair of accessory or quantity of accessories for your daily dressing.

Why follow the rules?

First of all, there can be a question that can be asked by many people. Why should we follow any type of rule? There are certainly many reasons to this question and many different types of opinions. But, we can help you in answering this question in a very easy and summarised manner by the following points:-

1. Gives you perfect look

2. Matches with outfit perfectly

3. You won’t look odd

4. Makes you more beautiful

Rules to keep in mind while wearing accessories

1. Wear no more than 3-4 large accessories: The most important rule that you need to keep in your mind while wearing and choosing accessories for your outfit is that you should not be wearing more than 3 to 4 large accessories in your outfit as that can make you look very Odd. You always should be carrying up minimum 1 to 2 large accessory and other accessory that are very small in size as compared to them. If you will be wearing more than that number in the accessories, your accessories won’t be able to make a impression as there will be so many of them that people won’t be not liking or noticing any of them properly.

2. Remember our priorities: either bright clothes or eye-catching accessories. There is a very great rule in the fashion since for accessories and this is that, you should be wearing the bright clothes with the moderate looking accessories and eye catching accessories with the neutral coloured clothes. The rule is simple, bright clothes should not be matched with the eye catching accessories as they can make you look very odd and not attractive at all. At the same time, do not wear the moderate or small accessories with the neutral or dull colours as that can also make your whole outfit and attractive and Odd.The key is to match light colours with eye-catching accessories and bright clothes with the moderate looking accessories.

3. Combine culturally specific accessories only with neutral-coloured clothing: If you are someone who likes the cultural specific accessories, you should always be matching it up with only the neutral coloured clothing. Many people think that if they will be matching the coloured clothing with the cultural specific accessories. They will look good. But that is not the case, instead the result is quite contradictory. Cultural specific accessories are very eye catching and they should always be matched with the neutral coloured clothing and that is the only way in which those accessories can make a great impression on your outfit and people.

4. Choose a signature accessory: Maybe you will be having a long list of accessories in your drawer. But, you should never do the mistake of choosing them all in just one outfit. Have you ever heard the line, “look at her necklace”, “look at her earrings”. Yes, that’s the way in which you should be dressing up. Dress up your signature accessory in the most best way. Don’t go with many accessories. Go with only one signature accessory that looks unique just by wearing it. The focus should be on one best signature accessory.

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